3.75 Character Generator (BETA for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


3.75 is Pathfinder Compatible
We are now listed in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatibility registry!

Save/Load Access Codes
It works like this: you can use this generator as much as you want, completely free of charge. OR you can purchase an optional Save/Load Access Code for the price of $7. This is a one-time purchase that keeps you from having to start from scratch each time you work up a character sheet. Your code allows you to continue where you left off with an unlimited number of characters, forever. This is not a subscription - it is a single license key that never expires (Buy)

For those of you who don't want/need to save or load your characters, don't worry about this message. Keep using the generator just as you always have - it will continue to be free.

Recent Updates
- Previous restrictions on Ability Score, Saving Throw, and Skill modifier box values have been removed, and each of them now increments as high as 20 and as low as -20. Min-max to your heart's content!
- Gunslinger, Ninja, and Samurai classes from Ultimate Combat added! Note for Save/Loaders: Classes appear in alphabetical order in the dropdowns, so adding new classes usually knocks certain classes out of place. If you load a saved character and find that they are a different class than they were before, simply re-select the correct class and you should be good to go.
- Fixed Shield Focus feat (you must have chosen an equipped shield to get the bonus)
- Fixed Skill Modifier box bug (uses correct mod now)
- Monk's Maneuver Training bonus to CMB fixed, now starts at lvl 3 and stacks with Agile Maneuvers feat
- Monk's class bonus to AC and CMD (starting at lvl 4) now shows up in stats
- Dodge feat now adds +1 to CMD
- I assure you, I'm working hard on Class Options and I REALLY want to get them implemented, but the first iteration will likely be a names-only implementation (ie., you will be allowed to select class packages and options, but they will simply appear on your character sheet and not actually make any changes to your stats yet).

Suggestions or bugfixes? Please send them to treasuretrovesoft AT gmail D.O.T. com

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The fastest, most intuitive online character sheet generator in existence, built specifically for Paizo's Pathfinder Role Playing Game!

Initially, I created this 3.75 Pathfinder Character Generator using ActionScript 3 and Javascript for the guys in my gaming group, and I decided to share it on a couple of my favorite gaming sites in the event that someone else could find benefit from it. Since then, it has spread like wildfire and its popularity has grown exponentially. The 3.75 sheet generator has now been viewed by HUNDREDS of thousands of visitors (300,000+ as of March 2013) from across the web-wide world, so this is in essence a huge THANK YOU to everyone for your continued support of Treasure Trove Software through the use of this FREE role playing tool. I have received (and continue to receive) lots of great suggestions from users about the product. If you have any requests, comments, or questions about this character generator, please feel free to visit the Treasure Trove Software website and send me an email using our contact form, or just use the email address at the top of this page. Thanks again and happy roleplaying!

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